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Information about authors: Sultan Rumiya Garifulaevna, Master, Instructor of Department of National Dance, Kemerovo State University of Culture (Kemerovo, Russian Federation). E-mail: Kostyuk Natalya Vasilyevna, Dr in Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of Academy of Pedagogical and Social Sciences, Director of Scientific Research Institute of Cross-cultural Communication and Socio-cultural Technologies, Kemerovo State University of Culture (Kemerovo, Russian Federation). E-mail:

Annotation: The relevance of article consists in the analysis of the available materials on a perspective state-private partnership. A research objective is identification of further vectors of a research in the field of choreographic professional education. Materials for writing have been taken from abstracts of theses relevant at the moment on the matter. Theoretical methods, such as annotation, drawing up the bibliography, summarizing and others are used. As results relevant referrals in partnership with labor market in the sphere of professional education have been obtained. Features of social partnership in the field of professional education are revealed: influence of demand for the number of the budgetary places and the directions of training the students, drawing up the new state standards for increase in an indicator of competitiveness of educational institution, direct presence of representatives of labor market and potential partners involves good and thorough training the students to perform at concerts. Development of the areas of work with roar of work in the field of professional choreographic education conclude this article: development of joint projects with the city administration or with representatives of labor market where the best of participants will receive employment or training, a set of certain profile courses under the social order of cultural city institutions and their coaching throughout all term of training with further granting jobs to graduates.

Keywords: social partnership, professional education, employment of graduates, labor market, efficiency in education.

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