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Information about authors: Loseva Svetlana Nikolaevna, PhD in Psychology, Associate Professor of Department of Music Education, Irkutsk State University (Irkutsk, Russian Federation). E-mail:

Annotation: The relevance of the topic is connected with the study of the synesthesia of the musical creativity of M. Ciurlionis. The purpose of the article correlates with the identification of the synesthetic nature of M. Ciurlionis’ musical painting. Problems are solved related to the consideration of the main approaches in the study of M. Ciurlionis’ musical painting and the synesthetic nature of his musical and artistic creation. The article presents an analysis of several specific features of the aesthetic level of the composer’s creativity, which is characterized by the versatility of the author’s searches. A detailed examination of the discovered synesthetic phenomena of Ciurlionis’ creativity allows us to trace parallelism in various directions: music and fine arts. The symphonic poem “In the Woods” is analyzed in the context of viewing the music in the aspect of differentiated perception of auditory synaesthesia, in the context of interconscious associations and auditory synaesthesia. In the cycles of the picturesque sonatas by M. Ciurlionis, the compositional structure of musical genres is depicted by visual means. Thus, in the scenic cycle “The Sonata of the Sea” (consisting of three canvases: Allegro, Andante, Finale), a rough surf symbolizes a musical invoice (melody and accompaniment); smooth, wide lines, muted tones convey peacefully slow tempo of contours and melodious melodies; a powerful explosion of the elements, huge crests of the raging sea embody the restless, dynamic last part of the cycle. The results of the analysis make it possible to significantly expand the understanding of both, the musical painting of Ciurlionis and the above-mentioned synaesthetic processes in general.

Keywords: synesthetic, musical painting, auditory synesthesia, interconscious associations.

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