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Information about authors: Loseva Svetlana Nikolaevna, PhD in Psychology, Associate Professor of Department of Music Education, Irkutsk State University (Irkutsk, Russian Federation). E-mail:

Annotation: The paper presents a study material on synaesthesia as a phenomenon of different disciplines. Psychological approaches in the study of synaesthesia as the initial discipline of the formation of musical synesthetic: the first synesthetic studies of G. Saks; the study of the garnet-color synaesthesia of G. Fechner and his contribution to the understanding the aesthetic patterns (the Law of “Aesthetic Associations”); “Color Hearing” in the study of Jules Mill et al. The contribution of B. Galeyev and the scientific employees of the Kazan Center “Prometheus” to the development of understanding the functions of synaesthesia in art is described: the study of the problem of artistic synthesis (primarily light-music, the task of the overall morphological systematization of the arts, the study of a new aesthetics of experimental arts (light-music, abstract light-music films),the function of synaesthesia in art and music education, the manifestation of this phenomenon in individual artistic creativity. By the structure of periodicals and intersensory art system is developed by B. Galeyev Association. The description of the synaesthetic methodology in the context of musicology of Novosibirsk scientist N. Kolyadenko is presented. The scientific base of the author’s concepts as a psychological mechanism of inter-sensory associations is considered; synaesthetics as a “systemic property of non-verbal artistic thinking, is determined by the presence of intermodal associations in it” and an associative synaesthetic mechanism that fills the polymodal energy with the formation of non-figurative images in music and related arts. The scheme of the patrimonial modification of the arts and the synaesthetic interpretation of the author’s meanings are analyzed and realized on three levels of the musical text (phonic, compositional and intonational).

Keywords: synaesthesia, color hearing, interconscious associations, aesthetic perception, periodical system of arts.

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