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Information about authors: Biryukov Sergey Vladimirovich, Dr of Political Sciences, Professor, Professor of Department of General History and Socio-political Sciences, Kemerovo State University (Kemerovo, Russian Federation). E-mail: Barsukov Aleksander Mikhaylovich, PhD in Politics Sciences, Deputy Dean of Faculty of Politics and International Relations, Siberian Institute of Management – Branch of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (Novosibirsk, Russian Federation). E-mail:

Annotation: The current situation in Russian Culturology and related Humanities makes the interest in new ideas and approaches that arise on a multidisciplinary basis: for example, at the “junction” of Literary Studies, Cultural Studies and socio-political essays on cultural civilizational and identification topical problems. Research work arising from the synthesis of the experience of various Humanities provides an additional incentive for the development of Russian Culturology as a relatively young but has its own achievements and promising prospects. The question of the influence of cultural factors and civilizational features of different societies on their political development is still insufficiently researched in the Russian Culturology and in the theory of political culture. The experience of a number of Western European countries with a longer development of socio-political journalism on the basis of cultural and civilizational analysis calls for attention and study. Among these countries with a deep tradition of Humanities and Culturology include France, the academic system which was deeply connected with our former compatriot Anatoly Livry. This researcher managed to prove himself as a literary critic, philosopher and socio-political thinker, devoting his work to the topical problems of the development of French and Russian societies. In the framework of the stated problems, the authors of the article analyze his scientific biography, contribution to the study of the theory and History of Russian Literature at the Sorbonne, and especially in modern Vladimir Nabokov’s studies. Special attention is paid to the analysis of Anatoly Livry’s views on the ideological and spiritual origins of the value-ideological and political crises of the modern French Fifth Republic, as well as on possible ways to overcome the current crisis by French society and the state in the context of a possible “conservative revision.”

Keywords: culture, worldview, civilization, myth, identity, crisis.

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