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Information about authors: Kondykov Аnatoliy Stepanovich, PhD in Philisophy, Сounsellor of the Institute Administration, Professor, Altai State Institute of Culture (Barnaul, Russian Federation). Е-mail:

Annotation: The author gives some results of the culturological analysis of today’s versions of reading the next scientific concepts: “culture,” “sociocultural sphere,” “sociocultural process.” The author discloses the key mechanisms of influence that culture has on our compatriot personality’s value attitudes in the today’s Russian society, gives a review of modern innovative social and cultural technologies applied in regulation of culture development processes. The author pays special attention to a question of a combination of a creator’s freedom with controllability of cultural processes development. On the one hand, today’s state cultural policy gives a warrant for a personality’s creative freedom. On the other hand, the society and the state are interested in development of cultural process in line with approved social convention and try to direct it strictly on achievement of the strategic goals. So, the article is aimed at elaboration of mechanisms of culturological practice for cultural institutes and governing bodies in sphere of culture that take participation in regulation of social and cultural processes which realized by people’s goal-seeking actions. The author stresses out that character and direction of cultural processes development depend not just on inner objective laws of culture but also on influence of many external factors. They can develop spontaneously or under managers’ control. Actually, processes of culture development have difficult and multilevel nature. The last thing determines a need of goal-seeking influence on it by measures that are in accordance with scientific correctness for achievement of a strategic goal of today’s Russian state cultural policy aimed at development of humanitarian and cultural sphere that considered as requirement for a personality’s culture forming in actual social and cultural context. The author focuses on a question of finding the effective tools for regulation of the cultural processes development at the present day; he offers to consider an expansion of the number of actors of cultural processes and a need of search ways for their good interaction as such tools.

Keywords: culture, sphere of culture, cultural processes, regulation of the cultural processes, cultural policy.

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