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Information about authors: Volkova Tatyana Aleksandrovna, PhD in Philosophy, Associate Professor, Department Chair of Philosophy, Law and Social and Political Subjects, Kemerovo State University of Culture (Kemerovo, Russian Federation). E-mail:

Annotation: The prolonged transformation of Russian society caused a revision of the established system of values, which affected the state of all types of human relationships, including family ones. Modern humanities expand the methodological apparatus used to study the family. The article reveals the potential of the gender approach as perspective in the context of the modern socio-cultural development of the family. The initial methodological grounds for this approach are seen in the works of R. Stoller, M. Mead, M. Rosaldo, S. Ortner, L. Lamfere, and also in the classical works of E. Durkheim and V.M. Khvostov; in the works of feminist science: B. Friedan, D. Scott, R. Sieger, G. Bock, S. Bem, M. Kimmela, etc. The presented work summarizes the results of domestic gender studies since the 1990s: the most elaborate point of view of the above paradigm of the sphere of scientific knowledge (sociology, history, political science, economics and research on social policy, social demography and sociology of the family, law, etc.). The interdisciplinary nature of the studies, carried out on the basis of general methodological grounds, necessitated the formation of an independent branch of science -- gender studies -- which today largely determines the leading trends in understanding the problems of the family. The article emphasizes the traditional research directions for the family history: criticism of traditional asymmetric socio-cultural practices; development of a gender theory of patriarchy as a social structure; analysis of gender models of personal identity, gender attitudes toward one’s own and the opposite sex and gender stereotypes of family interaction; correlation of gender and synergetic approaches; processes of gender identification and socialization. In conclusion, the new methodological possibilities of gender approach are explicated: the development of a deeper, more meaningful understanding the social justice in a gender context. We are talking about the levels of the value-motivational sphere of man, which are gender-different and focused on the problems of spiritual freedom and the possibility of self-realization of a person. Hence, the expansion of the research field of the gender paradigm in the actual comprehension of the family is seen.

Keywords: family, gender, a gender approach, gender roles, gender asymmetry, masculinity, femininity.

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