Procedure for reviewing manuscripts

Submitted articles undergo additional review (peer review) by two reviewers using the "two-sided blind" method; (anonymous) (double-blind peerreview) peer review, as well as selected by competition in connection with the publication plans of the journal. The article is sent for review to the reviewers of the journal after receiving and checking the original accompanying documents, checking the text of the article for unreasonable textual borrowings (in the "Antiplagiarism" system).

Reviewers evaluate papers according to the established form according to a number of criteria, including:

  • clarity of the wording of the title of the article, relevance of the topic, priority of the topic for the journal «Bulletin of KemGUKI», interest in the topic of specialists and the general reader;
  • correspondence of the content of the article to the profile and scientific requirements of the journal;
  • nature of the article (fundamental, interdisciplinary applied, review, abstract);
  • scientific novelty of the problem statement and its solution;
  • usefulness for practice of data, conclusions, recommendations; reliance on authoritative sources, scientific literature;
  • reliance on data from empirical studies (including those performed by the author himself); accounting of articles on the topic published in the journal "Bulletin of KemGUKI";
  • taking into account the requirements of the journal for the design of the article, the preparation of the abstract and keywords, the list of references and References.

The date of receipt of the article and scanned copies of documents is taken into account when determining the order of publication.

At the request of the author, extracts from the conclusions of the reviewers can be provided by e-mail.

Average review time for articles: 2 months. The author is notified of the acceptance or rejection of the work at his request by e-mail.

The editorial board reserves the right to reject articles that do not meet the established requirements or topics of the journal.

Original reviews are kept in the editorial office for five years from the date of publication of the article. The editors undertake to send copies of reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation upon receipt of a corresponding request by the editors of the publication. A review can be provided at the request of expert advice in the Higher Attestation Commission.

If necessary, the author of an article approved and planned for publication can be given a certificate.

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