Journal Policy
Editorial ethics

Ethics of scientific publications and prevention of unfair publishing practices

The editorial board of the journal of theoretical and applied research "Bulletin of the Kemerovo State University of Culture and Arts" is guided in its work by international ethical rules for scientific publications, including the rules of decency, confidentiality, supervision of publications, consideration of possible conflicts of interest, etc.


Responsibilities of editors, editorial board, reviewers of the journal

Journal editors must evaluate the intellectual content of manuscripts regardless of the race, gender, religion, origin, nationality, or political affiliation of the authors.

Any manuscript received for review is treated as a confidential document. The editor and the editorial board undertake not to unnecessarily disclose information about the accepted manuscript to all persons, with the exception of authors, reviewers, potential reviewers, other scientific consultants and the publisher. All of them undertake not to use unpublished data obtained from submitted manuscripts in personal research without the written consent of the author.

Editors, reviewers, scientific consultants undertake to recuse themselves from reviewing manuscripts in case of conflicts of interest due to competitive, collaborative and other interactions and relationships with authors, companies and, possibly, other organizations associated with the manuscript.

The editorial board undertakes to take adequate response measures in case of ethical claims regarding reviewed manuscripts or published materials.


Obligations of authors

Authors of articles should provide reliable results of the work done and an objective discussion of the significance of the study. When requested by the editor, authors must provide all data relevant to the manuscript.

Authors undertake to provide their own, new (unpublished in other editions), original work and, in case of using works or statements of other authors, must provide appropriate bibliographic references or excerpts.

Plagiarism in all forms is unethical and unacceptable.

The authors undertake to submit the article for consideration only to the journal «Bulletin of the Kemerovo State University of Culture and Arts». Submitting the same manuscript to more than one journal at the same time is perceived as unethical behavior and gives grounds for removing the article from consideration.

If the author discovers significant errors or inaccuracies in the publication, the author should inform the editor of the journal about this and cooperate with him in order to withdraw the publication or correct errors as soon as possible. If the editor has received information from a third party that the publication contains significant errors, the author is obliged to withdraw the work or correct the errors as soon as possible.

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